Kris Yun Xie, a paper-cutting artist, resides in Canada and is a Shanghai Folk Artists Association member. Her artwork has been displayed in Shanghai, Suzhou, and Milton exhibitions.
She believes that within square inches lies a world of subtleties, representing the inheritance and innovation of Chinese traditional culture.
Paper cutting, originating from China, is a precious intangible cultural heritage of the Chinese nation. As a new-generation Chinese paper-cut artist, Kris is dedicated to blending traditional elements with new ideas to showcase the unique charm of paper-cut art and extend the reach of this ancient Chinese culture to a global audience.
In addition to her artistic pursuits, Kris serves as an art tutor within the Milton Chinese Community. She is the proud proprietor of “Yun’s Art Studio,” where she finds immense joy in nurturing and witnessing the growth of children who share her passion for drawing.
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